Laboratory for Medication Safety and Effectiveness

Prof. Ireneusz Majsterek MD PhD


Professor of medical sciences in the capacity of the Coordinator of the Laboratory for Medication Safety and Effectiveness. He develops his interest in medical and clinical sciences as well as in human diseases in the context of the ageing process and pathogenesis of civilisation diseases including all the aspects of DNA mutation and epimutation ranging from basic evolutionary issues to translational applications in genetic diagnostics and therapy, as well as targeted therapy methods for future applications in medicine.

The Laboratory for Medication Safety and Effectiveness carries out the assessment of the effectiveness and safety of active substances, medical devices and medicinal products in the comprehensive evaluation of pharmacological effects, taking into account genetic predispositions at the level of preclinical studies

Activity area:

  • Transcriptome sequencing, detection of small non-coding RNAs, genome-wide DNA methylation analysis, single-cell genomics and free circulating DNA sequence determination.
  • Gene library preparation for sequencing
  • Genetic material isolation from biological material
  •  Assessment of toxicological effects of medication, including cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, intradermal reactivity, sensitization potential and systemic toxicity  
  • Tests for genetic analyses including genotyping, DNA methylation analysis, and gene expression determination


  • unique equipment, illumina nextseq 550 sequencer
  • exceptional service of DNA and RNA sequencing, gene expression,  gene libraries creation,  DNA and RNA isolation
  • unique feature cfDNA sequencing, comprehensive service from isolation to sequencing.