Our offer


is an ultra-modern research and development unit equipped with highly specialised laboratory and diagnostic equipment. It is a unique place where innovations encounter actual medical practice. Researchers and clinicians collaborate as interdisciplinary research teams, which results in innovative methods of personalised targeted therapy developed in laboratory conditions for future use in medicine

In our multifaceted research and development focused on civilisation diseases we concentrate on strategic collaboration with external partners that represent a wide range of business sectors:

  • we  collaborate with the largest brands of the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and industry trades.
  • we provide support for enterprises to achieve their strategic business goals.
  • we offer assistance to launch new products into the market by conducting commercial validation research in natural environment and real-life application conditions.
  • together with our business partners, we design national and international grant projects by creating one-of-a-kind, innovative and pioneering solutions based on artificial intelligence technology in medicine.

MOLecoLAB operates in diverse areas including among others:

  • flow cytometry (i.a. stem cells determination) and mass spectrometry (i.a. tissue imaging)
  • assessment of safety and effectiveness of medicinal products, medical devices, composition and structure of active substances
  • analysis of biomedical materials, sterility and microbiological purity tests
  • research in controlled, sterile environmental conditions in rooms with cleanliness class A
  • validation of new technologies

MOLecoLAB is also involved in comprehensive outsourcing of laboratory and research services, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure with highly qualified R&D staff.