dr n. med. Jacek Kabziński

Laboratory for Studies on Civilisation Diseases

Jacek Kabziński MD PhD


A holder of a PhD degree in Medical Biology with a speciality in Genetics employed in the Medical University of Lodz,  an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry. In MOLecoLAB he holds the position of Coordinator of the Laboratory for Studies on Civilisation Diseases. His scientific interests revolve around molecular basis of the carcinogenesis process, and the main activity profile is based on the use of LC-MS/MS methods in the analysis of a wide range of samples and flow cytometry analyses.

The Laboratory for Studies on Civilisation Diseases conducts research at the level of the genome, transcriptome and proteome of the mechanisms of pathogenesis of a given disease to be applied in non-invasive diagnostics and personalization of treatment of civilisation diseases in humans.

Activity area:

  • We offer  all services within LC-MS/MS and flow cytometry to cater for individual needs  (cytometry analysis used in immunology and cell biology, including stem cell determination )
  • Analysis of drugs and their derivatives,  metabolism, biotransformation, experimental assessment of harmful by-products and their removal from the body
  • Analysis of sample purity in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, including drugs and cosmetics, structure identification and determination
  • Lipidomics: lipid identification and profiling
  • Mass spectrometry: proteomics, metabolomics, glycomics
  • Liquid chromatography: sample purity analysis  

Equipment used / services on offer:

  • Mass spectrometry SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500+ System – QTRAP® Ready in combination with liquid chromatography HPLC LC-40 Nexera
  • Flow cytometry Bio-Rad ZE5 Cell Analyzer
  • Cell sorting Bio-Rad S3e Cell Sorter

Sample offer LC-MS/MS:

  • Amino acid profile
  • Vitamin composition analysis
  • Hormone panel analysis
  • Drug metabolism analysis.

Flow cytometry sample offer:

  • Apoptotic tests (annexin, caspase)
  • Cell cycle phase tests
  • Mitochondrial membrane potential analysis